About Babji Valves & Fittings

Babji Valves & Fittings, is an ISO 9001:2015 approved reputed Manufacturer and traders of Industrial Valves founded by Mr. Murtaza Vohra with a team having experience exclusively in the Design and Production of Valve technology for more than two decades. We are driven by the ability to provide innovative & Sustainable solutions to your business needs. Our mission & vision for the firm is to reach out to each and every piping industry in the country and providing them with the best possible products suitable for their respective applications. Our goal is not just limited to providing goods, but also enriching the end consumer with the best solution for their problems.

Babji Valves And Fittings have been dedicating the efforts to boost valve supply across the Indian market. Hardly a day goes by when we fail to adopt the right practices as a supplier and wholesaler and work to optimize benefits of clients looking for Industrial Valves, Cast Iron Valve, Gate Valve, Actuator Ball Valve, Pipe Fitting, Steam Trap, and similar other products. We ally with leading manufacturers and sellers of these products with whom we exchange our experience and expertise directly without involving third parties. Working together helps us come up with solutions that meet needs of our end customers in a better and more efficient way.

Since 2012 when we first planted our business, we have focused on delivering maximum customer benefit with our range of application-oriented solutions to East India, Nepal & Bangladesh. With many new and exemplary leaders at the forefront of our wholesale business today, we still work to the best of our caliber as we continue striving to be the No.1 name in our field.


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